Brean Down Way Cycle Path


Opened in 2017, The Brean Down Way (Route 33 of the National Cycle Network) is a fantastic walking and cycle path linking Brean to Weston-super-Mare.

It is mostly traffic-free, with the exception of Warren Road and Uphill Road – although you can choose to cycle on the hard sand of the beach here instead.

The Brean Down Way is mainly flat and level, apart from a small rise at Walborough, making it accessible for families and novice cyclists alike. Wheelchair and mobility scooter users are also often seen using the path.

How long is the route?

You can walk or cycle different sections of the route, according to your preference.

3 miles – Brean Village Hall to Uphill Marina.
5 miles – Brean Village Hall to Weston Grand Pier.
8 miles – Brean Down to Weston Grand Pier.

How do I get to the start?

If you’re starting from the main strip in Brean, turn on to Weston Road (opposite Brean Village Hall, TA8 2SF). The pavement alongside Weston Road is the start of the cycle path, and staying on it will lead you across the Brean Cross Sluice (river crossing) and on to Uphill.

Where to go

When you arrive into Uphill Marina, you can continue your journey either:

  1. Along the beach front on hard sand, or
  2. Go through Uphill village and join Uphill Road, which leads in to Weston itself (this is the main road alongside the golf course, where traffic is present)

Both of these routes lead to the lovely wide promenade of Weston seafront, where you will see the Grand Pier.

Along the route

There is beautiful scenery along The Brean Down Way. Look out for…

Brean Cross Sluice – Crossing for the River Axe – You can’t miss the quirky fencing of the ‘Great Bird Screen of Brean’, designed to protect wading birds (particularly the Redshank) in the area.
Walborough Nature Reserve – Home to butterflies, rare plants and wading birds.
Uphill Marina – Picturesque marina with boats moored.

We hope you enjoy your walk or cycle ride!