New Toddler Pool & Waterslide for Brean Splash


A new toddler pool and waterslide are being opened at Brean Splash this month (May, 2017). The toddler pool will be 0.8m deep and will be located at the very end of the main pool hall and will replace the current splash park.
Brean Splash is also adding a second indoor waterslide that will be called the “Disco”.  The slide will include selectable disco tracks that will be played whilst you ride the slide and lights embedded into the slide interior to create a disco feel.  It is hoped the new slide will be ready for May half term.

Kieran Spottiswoode, the park’s Leisure Director said: “We’ve seen a real growth in the number of swimmers that are enrolled in our swim school with the younger swimmer section growing really fast.  The shallower pool that we will be adding is perfect for younger swimmers to learn in and enjoy their first taste of swimming. The water will also be able to be maintained at an optimum temperature for babies and young children.”
We will be re-locating the current Splash Park to a new outdoor area for Summer 2017.
Please note during the works the splash park at the end of the 25m pool will be no longer operational. All other indoor features are not affected.